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Why do people cheat in races and how much should we care?

3 days 15 hours ago in mental game, racing, technology

WIRED has a story this month about a data detective who uses analysis of public race data and photography to catch people who cheat in races. Never having succumbed to the temptation myself, I will admit that far enough into any race the mind plays hardball and the question inevitably pops into one’s thoughts: who actually cares that I’m doing this besides me? I don’t think it justifies shorting a race, and if no prizes are claimed by the cheater does anyone actually get hurt, but it puts the question to the course: how much should we care if random mid-pack runners bend the rules, and is it worth the time and energy to stop them?

Do half of runners really hate their own sport?

4 days ago in mental game, people

Global News posted the results of a Strava survey in which half of respondents claimed that running sucks. In other words, I suppose, they run because of pressure to look better or just get in shape but find no other redeeming qualities for the sport. As a runner who finds mindful serenity in the millions of annual footfalls, I’m both surprised ... and not, really ... to learn that so many people are just barely tolerating it. That age old philosophical question follows: is the journey as important as the destination?

No Refunds for the Tokyo Marathon?

4 days 15 hours ago in money, racing

It seems a little sketchy that the Tokyo marathon wouldn’t offer a bit of good faith to the thousands of registrants who entered the now-narrowed-to-elites race still planned for next weekend. The field was highly limited due to fears of corona virus. That the race has already spent that money on preparations speaks more to the state of race insurance for organizers. Falling back on the fine print of their agreement with runners they imply that a virus outbreak doesn’t count as a naturally occurring phenomena. Oh really? I don’t want the cost of these races to go any higher, but at least meet runners half way if you cancel the event and aren’t properly insured for refunds.

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