the start line

I'm writing about topics related to casual fitness running in the suburbs of a small Canadian city, this site is a collection of race reports, equipment insights and training reflections from a recreational runner. I hope it's informative, but I intend it to be entertainment. Share and enjoy!

long runs reads, big topics.

head over feets.

I started seriously running in 2008 and writing about it a few seconds later. Sadly, many of those words were posted on websites that no longer exist. Happily, I’ve kept archives.

In 2020, tasked with learning Drupal for work, I started using some of those archives as filler content for my learning ...and it turned out to make a pretty interesting collection of old words and a space for some new ones.

This isn’t a blog, so much as a collection. Some of it is chronological. Some of it is topic-based. All of it is about my adventures in sneakers.

media, photos, video, and social.

I don't post pictures here, or if I do they are just links back to instagram. There are a variety of embedded media bits throughout the site, or check me out on other platforms like YouTube or Strava or Instagram or Twitter for many more updates or pics or routes.