Strava Makes For Random Data Fun

September 11, 2015

I’ve been tracking my runs in Strava for a while now but I think one of the features that I use most often is the flybys. This is a little animated review of your route overlaid on a map which, though it itself would be pretty cool, has the added interesting factor of showing all the other random people who you may have encountered on your run. In the context of a race, this is neat. But on just a training run it also leads to random finds. For example, today I went for a short run into the river valley with my camera. At one point I was taking some video and this guy on a bike rolled through my frame and I had to retake the shot. No problem. It happens. But reviewing the Strava flyby, that guy who bike-bombed my video was also tracking on Strava. This is not useful information, but it is interesting to poke through and see what someone else was up to leading up to and following that fleeting and glancing encounter on the trails. He was on the return leg of a ninety klick bike ride whereas I was geekily taking running video selfies under a bridge. I think he wins this round. And meanwhile I’ll need to keep sleuthing through Strava to find someone with a less interesting story than me.