Electrolyte Test Drive

September 23, 2016

My shipment of my custom blend electrolyte, run-fuel drink mix arrived.

I’ve been marathon training with this Canadian product called Infinit Nutrition. It’s yet another in-run calorie and chemical blend, but you can customize it to your personal tastes and needs.

So I did.

I won’t call this an endorsement. It’s just me trying it out. But I’ve banked completing the NYC Marathon on this little black bag of drink crystals, so that should say something.

The thing about marathoning, for those who don’t, is that your body invariably hits a wall of energy and nutrient depletion at roughly two hours into any physical activity. Your blood contains enough juice to get you through two hours (plus or minus) and then, well, you’d better either have a plan or a sit down.

My best hope for a marathon time is somewhere up in the four plus hour range. If you’re smarter than a bag of drink crystals at math, you’ve already worked out that I have a two plus hour window of calorie depletion to consider. I’ve worked out my personal fit and figure that I need to carry about 600 calories per hour of activity past the two hour mark. 

Or, 1500 calories, to be safe.

Or, about 5 cups of this drink mixture.

My new blend arrived and the big step, prior to my weekend long run, was to work out what kind of concentration I could handle… y’know, taste-wise. So I blended it up per the instructions and took a one-cupper out for a short run. It was a bit of a test-drive.