Rock'n Roll Las Vegas (2018)

Race Status

Las Vegas was, believe it or not, a family vacation.

We connected with Jenn and family and planned a multi-week trip that started with a race and ended with a theme park. Vegas was not the first choice for a race, tho. Originally, we had been talking about a California adventure that included Disneyland and one of those great RunDisney races I'd done previously. But the RunDisney folks seemed to have dropped all plans to continue running through Anaheim.

Plan B was to fly to Vegas, run the Rock'n Roll down the strip, then drive over to California.


In the end, four of the crew made it to the start line: three halfers, and Ron opting for the Full.

Race Recap Video


I brought a GoPro along with me on this race, as I do with many "fun" runs. It's always a little shaky, but you get the point.

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