2019 in Running: July

2019 in Running: July

The year was half over and with just six weeks until the big local race, everyone was (finally) in training mindset. Unfortunately, I was in soon-to-be-on-vacation mindset… even though my vacation would involve a half marathon (they always do somehow!)

Jenn and I cranked out a local ten klick race from downtown mid-month. We ran across the historic high level bridge (which in my year of running across historic bridges was a bit of a sad trombone sound.) And then we ate like CRAZY… kinda.

People get serious when they have a race on the horizon.

For a good chunk of the year, running meetups lean on the socializing and bullshitting side of the ledger: we meet, we cross “do a run” from the daily task list, and then we go for coffee or hang around and chat or … social, y’know?

Summer, and six weeks until a race. The five weeks. Four. There is an unspoken panic.

“We’re running 9 hill repeats tonight, not one less. You can do it. Oh, was that ten, well… what the hell are you complaining about!”

“Long run tomorrow? I need at least twenty-eight kilometers, and it’s gonna be hot so let’s meet at 7am and do this thing.”

“I’d have a beer, but … training. Let’s celebrate AFTER the race.”

I wasn’t taking my race that seriously, though as the month ended I was standing on a different continent feeling a little nervous about my summer half.

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