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If you thought the track was bad, try a 7 meter balcony

1 week 6 days ago in mental game, quarantine, racing

I once ran 32 kilometers on a 250 meter indoor track while winter training for a marathon, but to one French runner that would have been relative paradise. According to a story in the Washington Post he ran 42.2 kilometers (26.2 miles) straight, never leaving his 7-meter-long (23-foot) balcony. Staying in shape during a crisis of any kind definitely sits pretty high up on the hierarchy of needs — in other words, a bit of a luxury for many — but finding ways to keep sane for many athletes locked indoors is probably as much about mental health as physical.

COVID-19 isolation doesn't mean you can't stay active

2 weeks ago in health, mental game, quarantine

Last night I went for a run with a couple of the guys and it was breath of fresh air, literally and socially, to get out with some people after even just a few days of stress and working from home. The Runologie podcast chats about social distancing and how running can keep you connected during times of social challenge. "The conversation covers his visits to remote places in the state, discovering new elements of your own neighborhood when you’re forced to find pedestrian routes, and using Strava to maintain a social aspect of running."

During a pandemic it helps to have a plan.

2 weeks 3 days ago in goals, quarantine

Over at SBNation someone is thinking similarly to me: how do you plan to keep running though a pandemic when facilities are closed, keeping company is frowned upon, and being out on city sidewalks could become illegal? Keeping fit is a core part of many people's mental health strategy, and planning for races provides motivation to train. "When I embarked on this journey at the beginning of the year, my goal was not about setting personal bests or competing in my age group. It was about reaching my potential. That nebulous idea has come into focus during this period of doubt and uncertainty."

The Debaters: Comedians run a few things by their audience regarding marathons

3 weeks ago in mental game, racing

If you can’t run, just laugh. The Debaters pitches two comedians face to face to humourously debate a topic, pro and con. My family and I usually listen to the podcast edition and this weekend they tackle the punny topic of running marathons. If you can’t get out training this weekend because you’re self-isolating, quarantined, infected, or just practicing social distancing, why not at least have a quick chuckle about your sport.

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I started seriously running in 2008 and writing about it a few seconds later. Sadly, many of those words were posted on websites that no longer exist. Happily, I’ve kept archives.

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