Just a (Fake) Scenic Ride

31.00 minutes

I saw the thumbnail of San Fran and Chicago and thought it might be the mellow kinda ride-at-home evening to try a sampler from the scenic ride collection on Peloton Digital. Unlike the spin class —where an instructor is bellowing intervals at me from the screen of my iPad— the scenic ride is a laid back soundtrack of chill funky elevator pop played atop a rolling view of various city streets and trails as if I was actually cycling through San Fran and Chicago and a dozen other cities... instead of, y'know, on a spin bike in my basement with a tablet and some wireless headphones.

It would be better if there was some feedback between the video and my cadence sensor to change the speed of my travel through the landscape —like spin faster, move faster sorta thing— but I guess that's why I'd spring for a Zwift membership instead?

Not my fav cycling style, but once in a while it works.