Prime Vindaloo

5.00 km
30.00 minutes

A week ago I slogged around the neighbourhood in a state of melancholic fatigue that brought me a five klick loop time of just shy of thirty-five minutes. To call it a bit of a wake up call is likely overstating, but stray data points are never shy with their opinions nor their impact on the human psyche. I had already put together a quick and dirty get-back-on-the-horse training plan for the upcoming summer, but like standing at the base of a mountain in your pajamas it was a bit daunting.

One week after that epic tired run, I posted an identical loop but four and half minutes quicker. Four and a half minutes is trivial for most distances, but for a five klick run that’s almost a minute per klick faster.

What’s the difference?

A few things have changed in the last week, and a lot of things have not.

I signed up for two virtual races, two half marathons with actual GPS validation and bling in the mail if you complete them.

I bought a premium subscription to Strava, because I’ve been using them for free for five years and my sixty bucks per year isn’t going to hurt me but it might add to the collective nudge that keeps them on a stronger, more stable direction. It also motivates me to run more.

I got confirmation that I’m working from home for at least another three months, so the funk that settled around the idea of this as temporary is not going to do my health any good if I keep thinking of it that way.

And I just did some distance. I put in the runs that I scheduled. One week shouldn’t have made much of a difference, but I’m not starting from scratch, either. The fitness is still lingering in there somewhere. It just needs so fuel and some motivation, I think.

I did crash on the couch a couple hours later, but that’s a different kind of problem.