Spin Class

I usually spin in my basement on a Schwinn Stationary Cycle with the Peloton Digital app as my guide.

Or sometimes I just watch movies...

Spin From Home, Pandemic Style

March 18, 2020

I posted a retweet the other day. Back around Christmas, remember Peloton had a little commercial that went viral for all the wrong reasons?

I bet that lady is pretty psyched about having a Peloton now. ...the tweet said.

I spent Day 1 of my new work from home reality (as many of us probably did) hunched in a chair for nearly 12 hours staring at no fewer than four screens, occasionally breaking to refill my coffee, or grab a snack, or play a few songs on my violin. No mindless walks through the pedways. No stroll outside. No dashing from meeting to meeting. The second time in an hour I went upstairs, my daughter (now off school indefinitely) remarked: You sure take a lot of breaks!

No, I need to stretch.

This is plan is unsustainable. Obviously.

So I've decided that my new plan involves some morning spin. I woke up at my normal time (I'm going to keep a bedtime routine, dammit!) and instead of hitting the shower I pulled on some shorts and a run shirt and wandered to the basement where I keep my spin bike. Back around the same time that Peloton viral advert hit the socials, I had coincidentally just started using the Digital service on my iPad. It's got a few less features than buying the bike and full service, but it does the trick. And a few weeks ago I had considered dumping it as the weather gets warmer.

I'M pretty psyched about having a Peloton now.

Adding a 30 minute workout to my morning routine has already put me in a more chipper mood this morning. Ready to face the day, even if that is just another 12 hours in my basement. Hopefully I can muster the willpower to make it a daily thing, but for now having a plan is probably a good start.

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Stationary Cycle Day

April 8, 02015

The new stationary bike arrived yesterday via UPS, nearly one hundred pounds of steel and fitness fun packed into a cardboard box. The last exercise machine we owned was a mediocre treadmill which ultimately led to me taking up outdoor running instead. I assembled my new toy, set it up in one corner of my recently reorganized office, and took it for a short fifteen minute trial run (right before an actual running run) to some pedal-wise success. The result: either I’m not in spin-shape or indoor cycling is a bit more intense than running. After fifteen minutes I was dripping in sweat. Literally. This is going to be interesting. I’ll be tracking my x-training on Strava, so follow me there if you really care about that.

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