Sunday (in training... finally)

12.10 km
84.00 minutes

We added distance. Finally.

Not that I’ve been looking forward to knowing that my comfortable, do-what-feels-right stretch of non-training training runs are ending, but it feels a little something-something to know that we’ve rationally started building to something again.

Twelve klicks through the river valley, out to the bridge and a bit beyond before turning back to retrace our steps up the winding, climbing trails home.

As day sixteen of a daily streak, I was worried about this one. No breaks, no rests, for days, and we did a long ride yesterday that I could still feel in my quads. I stumbled into it, but was feeling good even for the last long climb to cross the footbridge, applauded by an old guy walking with his wife who asked how long we’d run today and what virtual runs we were training for.

“Chicago...” I mused. “They still haven’t cancelled that one. I guess technically... I’m training for that.”