Tats & Goggles

0.60 km
25.00 minutes

I keep meaning to ramp up my swimming program. I don’t think I’ve ever been as in good of shape as when I was swimming every week. It didn’t hurt that I was simultaneously training for a triathlon, but swimming has always just felt like a good workout. Lengths. Laps. Strokes. It moves everything. Burns. Hurts. And getting back into it has not been a simple task.

I dragged the kid to the pool tonight. She played in the family pool. I did twenty-five minutes of lengths catching the end of the community swim night just as we arrived and settled in. It burned. Hurt. I think I need new goggles, but I can make do. I think I need a great big full-body tat else I’ll continue to stand out like some kind of unmarked, inkless weirdo.

This needs to get more routine. I’m gonna sleep well tonight, at least.