[Virtual] SeaWheeze Half Marathon (2020)

Race Status

The day I registered for a couple virtual races was the same day that I found out -- officially -- I'd be working from home for the entire summer. At least. With a minimum of three more months of pandemic not-quite-lockdown facing me down and getting me down, I figured one of the only solutions for my personal health and fitness was to lockdown some real goals. Challenges are one thing but an actual, paid-for, medal-in-the-mail virtual race is another.

The rules I put in were simple:

  • I'm not paying "on location" prices for a virtual run
  • I wanted some bling
  • Set dates & set distances were a must

Lululemon's annual SeaWheeze has been on my list for a while, and so I guess this year I'm running it virtually. The race gives me one week in August to run a half marathon and post my time to Strava. Completed race equals a medal in the mail.

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