cleansing showers

25.00 minutes
SWOLF (swimming only)

I figured with the ol'fighting spirit that I gave to my laps tonight I'd bring down my SWOLF score, but no such luck. I assume I need to start thinking of that as a trend I want to slope down while I work to create a distance trend that slopes up. I've officially decided to take at least another week off of running. It's going to make July pretty much a wash for distance, but if I keep up the 3 per week swims I may be able to stride back into the trails in August fitter than when I started this month. Wednesday evening seems like an ideal night to add to that routine, except my group was out doing an adventure run while I was dodging fellow swimmers in the lanes and then fleeing to the change room just as they called a code brown for the family pool. Tuesdays are looking okay, too I guess.