"a couple years will do that"

20.00 minutes
SWOLF (swimming only)

Trying to establish a new workout routine often means bending the normalcy of your other routines until something else can be squeezed into the middle of it all. I was at the rec center by 640am today with a singular goal of beginning to normalize early morning, pre-work swimming. Heck, if I could get into the right mindset, there's a rec center downtown on the way to work, though working from home has the benefits of not needing to stow my laptop in a changeroom locker. Another 16 lengths took me a mere 20 minutes, but pre-breakfast and just two days into this new plan I didn't want to push it either. I lamented to the guy with whom I was sharing a lane that a few years ago I was swimming for an hour and training for triathlons, but now... now I was breathless after a few lengths. "A couple years will do that." He sympathized, and swam off.