makeup swim

25.10 minutes
SWOLF (swimming only)

It's tough to claim that I'm in any sort of swimming routine yet, just a few weeks into this effort, but somehow it still felt like an off night going for some laps on a Tuesday evening. I had to make up for my holiday cut-short swim from last night and get my early-week distance in. Incremental increases to my weekly tally has me clocking 13 laps (26 lengths) per session right now, and while that seems short to write it out I'm going to do some sketchy math and claim that one klick of swimming is probably equivalent to a 5 klick run. So, I'm working my way up to a five kilometer equivalent for an evening workout (and a 10k weekly equivalent.) If the same sketchy math holds for incrementing, adding 10% per week should be my go to meaning over the next weeks I should be swimming 1.45k next week, then 1.6k, 1.8, and then 2k (and 1k twice per week) by the last week of August.