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2 years ago

I'll admit that after being diverted from the humdrum-everyday-work-life-balance that I'd found after a decade of routine, diverted into a work-from-home, ten steps from a fridge, with no structure or plan but pure survival, after that, I'm put on some weight. Shit. The popular, viral (bad) term for this has become everyone's covid-15, a reference to the freshman-15 than new college students, away from home and routine for the first time in their lives, drinking too much, eating garbage, and focusing on school convert into an average of 15 pounds of body weight in their first year.

It really is the little things that all add up.

It's not that I haven't been running enough, it's that we comfort ourselves with dessert almost every day.

It's not the constant sitting, but the constant sitting and nibbling at a 10am snack and then lunch and then a 2pm snack and then some chips while I finish off the day.

It's not that my bike hasn't had enough miles this year, it's that we've logged more time at the barbecue instead.

As always, I look to a bit of public accountability to attempt to cure this. A website. A record. A journal. I'm adding a new set of words to this space to track it all. Even if no one is reading, that it is public is what matters. Starting today -- because this week I learned that I have at least 3 more months of this lifestyle -- I'm reversing the COVID-15. Not sure what that means yet... but probably not a 10am nibble.