Minus 50 Weeks

Fifty klicks after fifty weeks of training: Synergistic balance or random number coincidence? I’m leaning towards the superstition-free second option.

Maybe it actually was just a frustrating week of sitting on my ass following a cold-turned-chest infection turned angry-coughy-shitty-week-of-running that was the boost I needed to kick off this training plan, or maybe it was something else, but fighting my own body’s inclination towards laziness hasn’t hurt.

Run Training14 k distance + 8k exploration + 9k hills
Cross Training11 k bike ride + 22 k bike ride
Strength Training
WeatherMostly spring-time hotness with some rain mixed in at the most inconvenient times.
FoodsIt’s birthday party season, so I gave myself a bit of a break and a final splurge as I jump into this new year of training.
StrengthsThat new goal smell.
WeaknessesPotential buyers remorse.
OpportunitiesThe crew is digging into their own summer training goals and there are so many options for good folks to run with.
ThreatsStill getting over a chest cold.