how do you solve a problem like... dessert?

Submitted by 8r4d on July 19 2022

We've fallen into a bad habit.

When the world is collapsing and living through an overwhelmingly epic period of frustration and pain, why the heck wouldn't we crack open the ice cream for a nightly dessert? Or keep some deliciously decadent chocolate squares handy in the fridge for a post-meal palette-cleanser? Or spend Saturday at home baking a massive fluffy and fully decorated cake?

We've fallen into a bad habit of eating dessert almost every day and sometimes not just after our evening meal, but after lunch, too.

not a diet.

Submitted by 8r4d on January 25 2022

An eating style.

Not that this website has any real audience as I'm mostly writing it for myself and my own amusement, but if someone does happen to stumble upon these words I wouldn't want them to think that I'm some guy whose obsessed by weight or diet because that happens to be what I write about here.

I've been "eating better" for a whole week now.

Whoop. A whole week, he writes as sarcastically as he can.

Rule 1: Workday Snack-athon

Submitted by 8r4d on May 28 2020

The COVID-15 is a real thing, and working from home has derailed my finely tuned eating routine leading to some lost ground in the healthy living strategy that allows me to run successfully. This is a series I'll be writing over the next few months as I try to set some rules and strategies around a healthier lifestyle.

It sounds obvious, but I need to cut out the workday snacking.

That COVID-15

Submitted by 8r4d on May 28 2020

I'll admit that after being diverted from the humdrum-everyday-work-life-balance that I'd found after a decade of routine, diverted into a work-from-home, ten steps from a fridge, with no structure or plan but pure survival, after that, I'm put on some weight. Shit. The popular, viral (bad) term for this has become everyone's covid-15, a reference to the freshman-15 than new college students, away from home and routine for the first time in their lives, drinking too much, eating garbage, and focusing on school convert into an average of 15 pounds of body weight in their first year.