neighbourhood swim

33.20 minutes
SWOLF (swimming only)

It's not surprising that other people in the neighbourhood have athletic lives of which I know very little save for the glimpses I catch of them coming and going from their adventures. There's a woman who lives down the street. I don't know her name or exactly where she lives, but I know she's married with a couple teenagers. And she's a runner. I see her setting off on a run, or coming back and walking it home around the corner and down the street. She's passed me on walks. She's passed me on runs when I've been off in the neighbourhood somewhere. And now, for the first time I've noticed, she was in the next lane over in the pool last night... where she out-swam me. At one point between sets I was hanging off the end of the pool, rinsing out my goggles which we starting to fog a bit, and she had paused and looked over making eye contact, a glimmer of recognition there. "I know you." her eyes kinda said. "We run the same trails." I thought. "You're my quiet competition."

Swim Strokes