Rummel Lake

195.00 minutes
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September long weekend generally marks the end of summer, and on that sombre note we booked it out to the mountains for one last snowless vacation. It was three days packed with food and drinks and attending the annual highland games there, but we did find time to drive fifty klicks into the wilderness and hike up a moderate dayhike adventure.

Rummel Lake is a mountain puddle, perhaps three hundred meters across, sitting at the base of steep face of mountain scree. The climb was not difficult, but the footing over thousands of tangled tree roots left a bit to be desired with this ole sore knee of mine. Something about motion and torque and it didn’t like me very much by the end of the trek.

We beat the heat of the weekend, kicking off our inbound lap around 9am before the sun had really started to warm the day. Even so, it was above twenty degrees by the time we sat at the edge of the lake snacking on our trail mix and chocolate candies, and creeping closer to thirty back at the car.