september sirens

36.00 minutes
SWOLF (swimming only)

First of all, I’m going to blame my slower time on the fact that about twenty laps into the swim, they blew the siren through the facility and everyone paused for about a minute and a half to hang off the ends and wait to see if something was on fire or whatever. Paused, but didn’t pause my watch. So, while I normally take breaks, I don’t normally take emergency siren breaks. That said, I had the day off so I figured going to the pool at 930 in the morning would give me a bit of peace and quiet. There were virtually no kids (except for tots in the family pool with their parents) but apparently 930am on a Friday is a popular time to lane swim. Three people to a lane, a mix of fast, slow, old, young(ish) and me. Maybe 730pm family swim nights are not so bad after all?

Swim Strokes