two laps

16.00 minutes

Last day of vacay/staycay and among my short list of “things to do before I go back to work” including fixing the faucet in the bathroom, buying some new work clothes, and doing some art, I also wanted to do one more test on my knee. It’s been about a dozen days since I did my single lap around the park that resulted in me limping around the rest of that weekend and feeling sorry for my seemingly lack of progress towards recovery. I fully expected that today wouldn’t fare much better, and I set out to do another lap around the local park, feel the familiar ping of pain in the side of my knee, and limp back home wondering when twelve more days from today would be. The ping never really came. I had a few little twinges of “oh that’s right, there’s a knee thing there” but I finished one lap with not a whisper from my MCL and was starting to think I’d better not push my luck as I finished my second. I clocked 2.4 klicks on a cloudy Wednesday evening, and I’ll go rinse off with a swim later, but for now I think that might be the first couple klicks on my path back to normal. Maybe. It’s promising if nothing else.