Ready to Daily

Submitted by 8r4d on February 19 2022

Each spring I partake in a ritual attempt to get over the winter slump.

I streak.

Fully clothed, I assure you, I pick a date on the calendar, usually in or around March, and I try to run every day, logging a minimum number of klicks every day for a certain span of time in a methodical, systematic effort to rebuild the endurance of a winter spent in maintenance mode.

Daily Run, Week 2

Submitted by 8r4d on June 14 2020

As we approached the final stretch of our “long” Sunday morning run, I joked with LH that I could probably stop and walk the last half a klick because I’d hit my weekly goal.

In the end, for week two of consistent daily running, I clocked 42.9 klicks cumulatively... so... marathon?

Marathon Lists

6 Mental States You Will Encounter While Training

1 : Clarity

Everything is perfect. Your goals are all out on paper. Your training plan leaves you months of lead time. You have you eyes on the prize, as it goes. You are clear and focused. 

Kathy's Run for Pancreatic Cancer (2015)

October 26, 02015

At some point, much earlier this year, before randomness, injury, and life interfered (as it always tends to do somehow) I made a Faustian-esque bargain with the running gods that I would attempt to complete twelve half marathons, one per month, over the duration of 2015… in exchange for Ultimate Running Knowledge

Or, maybe I just thought it would be an interesting idea… I’m not exactly sure how that all came about.

The Dopey Challenge (2014)

Two Weeks Later, A Summary 

For those just arriving at this post from a search engine — in other words, those who have not actually been following along for the last year as I trained for the 2014 Dopey Challenge in Disney World in Florida — I ran it. I ran it all. I completed it. I crossed each and every start — and finish — line, and took the photos, earned the medals, revelled in the personal glory and all wallowed in every bit that goes with it all. And… I walked away to talk about it.