Epic Tired AF

34.00 minutes

The plan was to go for a run after work, get away from my desk and burn off some stress with a light tempo run through the neighbourhood.

The Kid’s schedule dictated supper for 530, which turned out to leave me no time before eating.

My anxiety turned into a stomach ache so I rested for a bit before crashing for a early evening nap around 615.

I pulled myself out of slumberland around 7 and wallowed in some residual self-pity for about 20 minutes.

And finally, just shy of 730 I laced up and slogged out a painful five klicks.

I don’t know what’s worse: knowing that in the alternate timeline I’m ten days off doing the Blackfoot Ultra and running for 3+ hours through trails on a Saturday morning with friends but now struggling with a lazy five klicks... or actually feeling like a just ran a half marathon after a lazy jaunt around the neighbourhood.

Either it was a really bad day for a run, or I need to step my game up.