Live with Fourteen Thousand Strangers

48.00 minutes

Of my three remaining races this year, the three I am (was) registered for, two were cancelled this morning. If ... IF ... it still happens, my next registered event turns out to be the Chicago Marathon which I am moderately convinced that the universe does not want me to run. So, when Jenn texted at half ten and said that she was going to ride in in the 10am live ride on the Peloton, was I in, I said obviously and went to get my shorts on. At the peak, the "Now Here" number read something like 14,311 that I recall seeing, so there are a helluvalotta bored people willing to spend 45 minutes riding to nowhere in their houses and basements. It is probably one of the few things keeping me sane right now, so I'm not gonna knock it, either.