Nordic Adventure

8.40 km
93.00 minutes

An hour and a half of cross country skiing is always a great post-downhill shakeout.

We crashed out last night after our ski trip to Sunshine. It was almost 8am before I opened my eyes and deigned to crawl out of bed. I cooked some breakfast, had a cup of tea, and by 10am we were about ready to drive up to the Nordic Centre here in Canmore for some mountain adventures.

There are dozens of klicks worth of groomed trails up there. We stuck to the green, which was fine because we were overdressed for a day that broke above freezing, and that we don’t get out on our nordic skis very often. The Kid pushed through with minimal whining, which doesn’t sound like much of a feat but after another parent apologized to me for HER bawling kid I couldn’t help but think back about four or five years when ours was the one bellowing her lungs out on the track as people slipped by.

Apart from some sticky snow here and there, the conditions were great and we did a slick out and back course up with some great mountain views.