Not Eleven

74.00 minutes

It’s been an interesting week from the “running blogger” perspective.

Forces of clashing professional duties with my fitness hobby have spurned (a) the creation of this latest iteration of my running blog, and (b) given me cause to dig back through twelve years of running writing looking for things worth reposting here. The race reports are obvious, and I wish I could drag more photography over (all good things in time, of course) but what struck me most was just how much I used to write about runs.

Little runs, solo runs, tempo runs, training runs, long runs, hard runs, great runs, run streaks, run breaks: I wrote a buttload of content and then archived it all away for various reasons. I can read it, but you can’t.

It also strikes me that when I go out for a not-quite-eleven klick run on just another Sunday morning it may not be worth writing about in that moment, and maybe it isn’t — but years later to look back and read some of that stuff is hella interesting (for me, at least) and makes me want to kick back into that habit.

All that, I don’t know how often I’ll update this space. It seems interesting in this moment as I’m push-learning a new CMS and NEEEEED to write something to fiddle with all the features, but maybe I’ll keep at it. At least for a while. At least for a round of training which seems to be making for a long summer of long runs and hard effort. It might be worth recalling all that.