Perspectives (2020)

It hasn't escaped me that the year 2020 is a metaphor for clear vision. I kicked off this writing project in January and plan to do a little more writing to find a piece of that clarity... through words and reflection.

January 2020 (End of the Month Recap)

The first month of my break season ended with some effort to find footing. It’s easy to decide that you need a bit of a rest, and maybe really easy to take that rest as a 100% cold-turkey break, but balancing a scaled back run agenda with an amped up cross-training plan has been much more of a challenge.

The month started with a race. It always does. The Resolution Run is that January 1st five klick plod through the last day of holiday bliss. I finished with a respectable sub-30 minute time which turned out to not be my best, but also not my worst. My average. Pancakes were consumed shortly thereafter.

Then the month continued and I learned that convincing others that I’m trying to scale back has been a subtle art of letting people down. Two modest runs per week. Simultaneously more than a break and less than a dedicated running partner. It also didn’t help that the temperatures plunged to the realm of bitterly-fucking-cold, hitting ambient -35C and windchills in the deep -40s. When I did run, there were a couple weeks where those runs were plodding laps on a track after braving the cold weather just to drive to the rec centre.

The reason behind a break was simple. I’m tired and sore. I’ve been pushing myself for years without a real generous span of time off. The body was feeling it, and the mind and soul were in lockstep.

Overall, a break month for me meant a grand total of 60 klicks in January. And it’s all relative and funny to think of that as a break when a decade ago that would have been an epic month. I’ll aim for roughly the same in February and March, before cranking it back up to full for April and May.