Run From Home... Day 1

20.00 minutes

It's June first and as we approach the half way point of this crazy year I got it into my head to try and catch up on some of my training this month. There are multiple ways I could approach such a daunting task, obviously. The way I've chosen is to attempt a daily run. Daily. As in every day for June.

The rule is simple: minimum twenty minutes per day, each day in June.

And tho it's the first day of the effort and it's basically impossible to say how successful I will be just a single day in (tho I did run for the last two days as well, so it's technically day 3) I'm deeply determined to build a better foundation as the summer rolls in. Time will tell.

To kick things off I stepped out for a neighbourhood loop on my lunch break, twenty minutes on the nose past the countless dandelions in the still-morning sunshine. So... success so far.