Summer Adventure Run #6

5.00 km
30.00 minutes

I didn't sign up for this particular virtual race. I mean... I should have. For a hundred bucks everyone got a pair of nice shoes and some sweet sunglasses. And so many people had signed up we opted to run the official course as our sixth Summer Adventure run.

Goldbar Park parking lot was where a dozen of us met to follow the out and back virtual course marked in sidewalk chalk on the asphalt path. Five klicks of slowly rolling hills, at pace, pushing through the dinner I shouldn't have eaten before rushing out the door to drive 30 minutes across town for a fast run.

In the literal minute as I crossed the virtual finish line for a race I didn't register for, the skies opened and it poured on us for five solid minutes. We dawdled back to our cars thinking optimistically about some socially distant socializing, and were granted a reprieve from the rain in the form of an amazing double rainbow filling the sky... so we all drove to DQ and had ice cream to celebrate another day of health and fitness.