rebuild run 1

17.70 minutes

I was nearly as cautious this morning, setting out on my second run of the month and first after a successful knee test, as I was the other day when I didn't know if I'd make it round the full run without pain. To say that I've been pain free since that run has become more of a fudging of facts than when I wrote my last couple reports. Yesterday, for example, there was this constant niggling twinge in the familiar spot when I was walking around the house and later on in the evening. And even as I dressed for my run today, there were warning shots being fired by my MCL across my kneecap as if to remind me to be careful and not push my luck. That said, I stuck to my plan: an easy 2.6 klick run doing boring laps around the nearby park loop, a super-flat ring of one (and change) klicks of asphalt walking trail. A couple times there were little twitches, but never any proper pain that I would have classified any higher than nudging against a 1 or 2 (out of ten). And I finished it up, walked back, walked the dog for another slower lap, and I feel good. So... good? Right?