Yamnuska Raven’s End

146.00 minutes

This new running watch is earning it’s paces, sadly just not on the running trails. Between the pool and neighbourhood walks, I’ve got to try out some of the new features, but a long weekend adventure let me sample some of the course-tracking apps now too. We climbed a winding ascent up to the base of a rocky bottlecap sitting on the more roundish mountain mound. Nearly six hundred meters of ascent across four klicks (one way) brought us to where more eager hikers would start the scramble up the rocky shale path to the summit. But with a teenager and a dog — not to mention a MCL injury still on the mend — we opted to stop at the family-style lookout, enjoy some snacks and time for a little sketch of the scene, then descended back to the car. Round trip elapsed was nearly four hours, but with breaks and time at the top, the watch measured more than an hour less than that of moving time. I’d loaded a GPX of the course into my Garmin back home, and it was fairly useful. But the file (though new to me) was old and the trail had been repositioned for stretches of a hundred meters here and fifty meters there, a dozen times in total, so the watch would often scold us for being “off course” when in fact we were using old data. I’d submit an update to AllTrails, but our route was pretty meandering and had a few quasi-detours, enough that it would drive the next hiker who opted to follow it bonkers in a whole different way. The knee was a little tender on the way down, but nothing lasting past a few minutes of sitting and rest, and by the time we made it back to the hotel it wasn’t even a bother at all.