Short Slow Recovery

Occasionally you need to push yourself out the door. Occasionally, literally.

On day 19 of this daily streak, after a fast jaunt one day previously, after everything it was everything I could do to lace up and get my twenty minute minimum in. It was not fast. It was not pretty. It was a plod of milage just to say it had been done.

Sure, I felt better after than before, but ... I could probably say the same thing about a nap.

One Stop for Her

A family bike ride before the rain.

We finished dinner and pulled the bikes from the garage and set out for an hour of fresh air and activity. Wending through the neighbourhoods, pausing at the overlook, avoiding main roads and busy sidewalks, and at one point stopping as we passed the house of one of the Kid’s friends so she could ring the bell and they could giggle at each other for a couple minutes ... from a distance, of course.


A Pandemic Training Reprise

The first day of June 2020 arrived with a windy, drizzly morning and punctuated by the news that some, but not very much, of the world was starting to re-open. For myself, the first day of June marked the start of week twelve of working from home in the middle of a global pandemic that shuttered the economy and everyday life. Seventy-seven days have passed since normal was put on hold, and we retreated to our houses to wait out the battle between a killer virus, human immunity, and the hope for modern medicine to find a fix.