Ready to Daily

Each spring I partake in a ritual attempt to get over the winter slump.

I streak.

Fully clothed, I assure you, I pick a date on the calendar, usually in or around March, and I try to run every day, logging a minimum number of klicks every day for a certain span of time in a methodical, systematic effort to rebuild the endurance of a winter spent in maintenance mode.

Daily Run, Week 2

As we approached the final stretch of our “long” Sunday morning run, I joked with LH that I could probably stop and walk the last half a klick because I’d hit my weekly goal.

In the end, for week two of consistent daily running, I clocked 42.9 klicks cumulatively... so... marathon?

80s Evening Chill

I was banking on a quiet evening, but that bike was calling.

Actually, I opened the app and I've been quietly chasing the ride totals of my one of my training friends. She bought the actual bike and has been recording rides on a regular basis. I wanted to see how long I could stay ahead of her, but she's been super-active over the last few days and went from trailing by a dozen rides to being a couple days worth of workouts into passing me.

So... onto the bike it was.