Daily December

Submitted by 8r4d on November 30 2022

I've always liked to take the year end to blog every day in December. This year I think I might do something more akin to a blogging advent calendar, or whatever that means in secular writing terms... so basically a post a day until Christmas and then take the rest of the year off. The thing is, I technically run three blogs now, so those posts will be spread across three sites. And in fact, I think I want to do more than write and put into the mix some painting and some photography and...

I'm getting ahead of myself. It's only November 30th.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to:

a) post one blog post every day on one of my multiple blogs (conveniently listed at 8r4d.com)

b) do one daily watercolour painting for the #ArtAdventCalendar challenge

c) post one photo every day on my new 8r4d-stagram

d) write a daily microfiction based on the prompt provided on my new nvl-grm site

e) continue my daily sketch in the Sketch-a-Day book my daughter got me for my birthday last week

...and, if you're wondering how this fits into a health and fitness post:

f) keep up my streak of daily No-S New Age Resolutions to which I've been holding on with pretty good rigor over the last seven days. I've been avoiding the snack cupboard. I haven't been eating deserts (except for some birthday cake, of course.) And I even added in an extra quasi-rule and have been avoiding deep fried foods this past little while. It's a challenge. Which, I suppose, is kinda the point.

So stay tuned while I work on my list for the next 24 days... tho, I won't stop doing that last one when Christmas arrives, or at least I'll quickly resume it when Christmas day has passed.