not a diet.

Submitted by 8r4d on January 25 2022

An eating style.

Not that this website has any real audience as I'm mostly writing it for myself and my own amusement, but if someone does happen to stumble upon these words I wouldn't want them to think that I'm some guy whose obsessed by weight or diet because that happens to be what I write about here.

I've been "eating better" for a whole week now.

Whoop. A whole week, he writes as sarcastically as he can.

I write here not because I'm necessarily obsessed by the topic of weight management, but when I went through a big four month long weight loss effort almost ten years ago now I found that between the increased exercise, the managed diet and the various other lifestyle tweaks the biggest factor for me was public accountability. Writing my efforts down on a blog and then sticking to them, even if it was just me and the wind reading it, kept me as honest as I could manage.

So, a week of no sweets, no seconds, no snacking (except sometimes on "cheat days" which are generally weekends) is complete and a week is nothing in the multi-month-long effort that this is going to be to get closer to my pre-pandemic fitness level.

It's yet another lifestyle change, but hopefully one for the positive.

Carrying that little bit of extra weight is hard on my body, makes it tougher to keep up with my friends on the trails (and this will only get worse when those long summer runs roll in) and generally leave me feeling a little grumpy about all that effort yielding lesser results.

I can be accountable to myself and in my head all I want, but writing it down here makes it real outside my own mind. And that makes this eating style real, and not a diet.