run steady pace

Any general sort of run outdoors that involves a walk/run split training pace. Easy runs. Long slow distance. 

One Last Training Run

As I set out to run my regular Sunday training run, building towards that October marathon I had lingering in the back of my mind, I was contemplating the small but still-possible chance that somehow, come Thanksgiving weekend, I'd be travelling to Chicago to lace up for a 42.2 klick jaunt through the windy city. It was a though simultaneously nerve-wracking, daunting, and yet motivating.

Summer Adventure Run #4

(now with 100% more snakes!)

The quest to run in less-frequented sport around the city continues, and so we met in the parking lot of the zoo which conveniently borders a local park and connects with a core corridor of trails and paths along the river. Our eight klick adventure took us through the dog park and across a bridge where we did a full lap around one of the city's crown jewel locations, Hawrelak Park, the long way and back approximately the same way we came in.

Oh, and there were snakes.

Summer Adventure Run #3

It also happened to be LH’s birthday, so I may have added that to the vague, general invite I left in the group chat. As a result, a dozen people, even a couple rarely seen souls, showed up to run a casual six-plus klicks through a south-end ravine and neighbourhood, and we took it pretty easy.

Cupcakes may have made an appearance, and we sang happy birthday in a grocery store parking lot.