time to upgrade time?

Submitted by 8r4d on July 15 2022

July 2022

Having checked (and rechecked) the tracking information from the retailer's website it's become a near certainty that within the next 24 hours my new Garmin Fenix 6X is going to land on my doorstep in a neat little cardboard box.

If I'm counting right, this will be my fifth new GPS watch since taking up the sport (seriously) about 14 years ago.

GPS Watches

I'm a Garmin man myself, but that kind of brand loyalty has more to do with habit than anything else. I feel like I've got a bit of inertia in the whole techno-sphere ecosystem around it and I'm reluctant to switch. When push comes to shove, tho, if someone were to hand me a free Apple watch or the latest Samsung sports model, I'd wrap that baby around my wrist and start running.