thru local trails & the river valley

Edmonton is home to an amazing, contiguous network of natural areas connecting a large portion of the city through paved, gravel, and single-track trails alongside the river, various connected feeder creeks, and misfit collection of parks. One can literally run fifty klick races through these trails and never see a traffic light or intersection. I can reach this network within a klick or two of most places I start my training runs.

One Last Training Run

As I set out to run my regular Sunday training run, building towards that October marathon I had lingering in the back of my mind, I was contemplating the small but still-possible chance that somehow, come Thanksgiving weekend, I'd be travelling to Chicago to lace up for a 42.2 klick jaunt through the windy city. It was a though simultaneously nerve-wracking, daunting, and yet motivating.

Summer Adventure Run #4

(now with 100% more snakes!)

The quest to run in less-frequented sport around the city continues, and so we met in the parking lot of the zoo which conveniently borders a local park and connects with a core corridor of trails and paths along the river. Our eight klick adventure took us through the dog park and across a bridge where we did a full lap around one of the city's crown jewel locations, Hawrelak Park, the long way and back approximately the same way we came in.

Oh, and there were snakes.