thru local trails & the river valley

Edmonton is home to an amazing, contiguous network of natural areas connecting a large portion of the city through paved, gravel, and single-track trails alongside the river, various connected feeder creeks, and misfit collection of parks. One can literally run fifty klick races through these trails and never see a traffic light or intersection. I can reach this network within a klick or two of most places I start my training runs.

Rivers Edge Ultra (2021)

Having spent about three and a half hours running an ultra-style half marathon yesterday, the first actual bibbed, chipped, other-people-on-route race I’ve run in nearly two years, I was feeling very tired.

By the time I crawled out of bed yesterday morning, the folks who tackled the much longer distances, eighty and one hundred kilometers, had already been running for a couple hours.

The twenty-one kilometer race was set to start at noon, so I had plenty of time to sip my coffee, make pancakes for the family, do some stretches and prep my gear.