in the city

Living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada there are a lot of great local races in our little winter city. We’re also home to one of the largest contiguous natural areas inside our urban borders in North America, a fact that doesn’t escape us when we go looking for interesting places to run, train, and play.

Summer Adventure Run #6

I didn't sign up for this particular virtual race. I mean... I should have. For a hundred bucks everyone got a pair of nice shoes and some sweet sunglasses. And so many people had signed up we opted to run the official course as our sixth Summer Adventure run.

Goldbar Park parking lot was where a dozen of us met to follow the out and back virtual course marked in sidewalk chalk on the asphalt path. Five klicks of slowly rolling hills, at pace, pushing through the dinner I shouldn't have eaten before rushing out the door to drive 30 minutes across town for a fast run.


Summer Adventure Run #5

The location for our first Adventure Run of July came at the suggestion of AD. A neighbourhood that was familiar enough on a map, surrounded by roads and paths I'd passed by now and then, but never stopped for more than a glance.

Our trail began on the edge of a cliff overlooking downtown from the east, looped into the river valley, across the bridge, along a busy north bank, back across the river on the Dawson Bridge, and then through a winding forest trail with some steep climbs and a scramble back to the cars.

I'm still cleaning the mud off my ankles.


Summer Adventure Run #3

It also happened to be LH’s birthday, so I may have added that to the vague, general invite I left in the group chat. As a result, a dozen people, even a couple rarely seen souls, showed up to run a casual six-plus klicks through a south-end ravine and neighbourhood, and we took it pretty easy.

Cupcakes may have made an appearance, and we sang happy birthday in a grocery store parking lot.