Saturday Creeky

It was raining. It’s going to rain all weekend. It’s raining as I write this. Rain. Rain. More rain.

When one has committed to a daily run, the weather is less a deciding factor as much as it is a circumstance.

My plan was multi-fold. Running from the house has quickly become dull and monotonous. Sure, it’s simple and easy for a quick outing. But for a lazy pandemic Saturday morning? Plus it sucks for shelter, all out in the open through wide streets and careless paths.


...of the Season

It took me until late May to get my bike out. All the bikes. So we could all go on a ride with J, B & E.

First ride (of the season).

It was less laziness, less lack of inclination, more reluctance to move my truck so that I could pull them down off their hooks.

The Kid has been cycling for six weeks, out multiple times per week, around the neighbourhood and half way across the city for all I know. But my days have been packed and cycling has been there lingering as a free-time option without as much free time as one would think.