marathon plan.

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[distance] 5k MILESTONE It wouldn't be understating it to say that if I can't run 5k, then I can't run a marathon. After my knee injury it'll have taken nearly 6 full months to reach this milestone. 09 - Complete
[distance] 6k [distance] 10k 09 - Complete
[distance] 7k [distance] 10k 09 - Complete
[distance] 8k [distance] 10k 09 - Complete
[distance] 9k [distance] 10k 09 - Complete
[distance] 10k MILESTONE After recovering from a knee injury I need to work up to my maintenance distance. Prior to injury I was able to run 10k at the drop of a hat.  This distance is a big milestone for restoring my confidence that I can actually train. 09 - Complete
[distance] 11k [distance] 15k 09 - Complete
[distance] 12k [distance] 15k 09 - Complete
[distance] 13k [distance] 15k 09 - Complete
[distance] 14k [distance] 15k 04 - In Progress
[hills] 3 repeats [hills] 6 repeats 02 - Planning
[distance] 15k MILESTONE I have a mental block for 15k if only because we never go past this distance unless we are actually in performance training mode. Building up to this is a ceiling that I need to break through. 04 - In Progress
[hills] 4 repeats [hills] 6 repeats 02 - Planning
[hills] 5 repeats [hills] 6 repeats 02 - Planning
[hills] 6 repeats MILESTONE Half way to our max hill repeats for our summer training plan, we'll start low and aim higher. Having avoided hills for a year, I'm setting 6 as an assessment point for my knee recovery. 02 - Planning
[hills] 12 repeats MILESTONE Strength training on hill repeats has been a core part of our training plans for years. We usually start with a low number and work up to about 12. 02 - Planning
[distance] 21.1k MILESTONE An obvious milestone is half my race distance, or a half marathon. I've like to hit this before the summer vacation season starts. 02 - Planning
[distance] 25k MILESTONE The longest races I've run since my last marathon five years ago have been 25k mini-ultras. This is both another mental wall and a legitimate training distance for mid-summer, post-vacation assessment. 02 - Planning
[distance] 32k MILESTONE A lot of marathon training plans I've read start to cap off training distance somewhere between 32k and 36k. The idea is that if you can run 32k slow you can run 42k faster. This would be a huge milestone. 02 - Planning
[run] last long run MILESTONE Traditionally you want to be race ready two weeks before race day. Every plan I've ever followed has had a milestone of the "last long run" two weeks out. This plan is no different. 02 - Planning
[race] Chicago Marathon MILESTONE A vision on a start line, eight months, countless training hours, a healed knee, a couple thousand kilometers, and a mountain of motivation between here and there away. 02 - Planning