knee run test take 2

8.00 minutes

It’s been six weeks (almost to the day) since I’ve run and a great four days since I’ve had even a hint of knee pain. I’ve been setting up some triggers in my own mind for when I would try to do a simple, light run around the park to test the status of the ol’MCL injury, and it turns out that happened to trigger this morning. I’ll be gone at most 20 minutes, I told the kid. Thirty, and come look for me. If all goes well, I’ll do two laps, otherwise this is going to be a single lap expedition. Half way around the first (and only) lap that familiar twinge started to gnaw at the inside of my right knee joint, and by the time my watch dinged the one klick mark it was actually hurting. The good news is that ten minutes after finishing, the pain is gone again. The bad news is that anything longer than a one klick run is probably off the table for a couple more weeks.