Those New Age Resolution

Submitted by 8r4d on November 23 2022

I'm co-opting a term: New Age.

I'm not writing about something spiritual or philosophical, though. Rather, I'm just stating simply that today I'm a new age, and I'm starting my own personal new year, and as such I'd like to make some personal promises to myself for the next 365 days.

January first is great and all, but wouldn't it be better to commit to something great on your birthday instead?

I thought so.

An while I've made a few New Age Resolutions this year, but the one that matters on this site is about my health. I'll be this new age when, hopefully, I'm recovered enough to run the Chicago Marathon next fall. That means I've got not only a lot of training to do, and not only a lot of recovery to complete, but a bit of a refit on my overall health is in order.

Or, in other words, a diet.

As a wise orange cat named Garfield once said: “So I’m on a diet...big deal. - You know what a ‘diet’ is, don’t you? - IT’S ‘DIE’ WITH A ‘T,’ THAT’S WHAT IT IS!”

I have mentioned this here before, but I'm a bit of a fan of the "No-S" diet. It's simple and it works for me (at least when I'm motivated to follow it.)

The rules: No Snacks. No Sweets. No Seconds. (Except Sometimes on S-days, like Saturday, Sunday or Special days... like your birthday!)

So today is day one of this particular New Age Resolution and I'm writing it here to keep myself accountable to that fact. I'll be tracking it and trying to switch up some bad habits I've developed (and that's mostly what this is about anyhow!) And occasionally, I'll post an update here.

That's my New Age.