bad swim, good run

Submitted by 8r4d on September 8 2022

It was backwards day yesterday, it seemed.

After being unable to run without pain for over two months, I smacked a two and a half klick knee test run around the local park and felt good afterwards. A couple hours later I went to the pool, and after fighting with the crowds I bailed early when they called a code brown and vacated the lanes.

Good run. Bad swim.

But it begs the question: what now?

I'm loving the swimming routine. I'm feeling stronger, I've lost about five pounds, and it's kinda this forced solo activity. It's great to run with friends, but you can't really chat and swim (at least not effectively) so it's perpetually going to just be my own thing. It relies on having an active rec centre pass, of course, but that's a low bar right now.

I haven't replaced running with swimming, but running has been my go-to fitness routine for over a dozen years... except when it hasn't, like for a month after covid and then a sequential couple more months with a knee injury. I'm still imperfectly aware that full recovery from wrecked MCL could last a couple more months, but that run yesterday gave me hope that I could at least start the long slow climb back to recovery after an effective three month break.

So it begins.


Um. Right?

This means I need to plan out a new plan, and climb back onto the platform upon to which I'd climbed a couple months back when I declared on this site that I was going to "refresh" everything... just before that plan refreshed me right in the knee.

A regroup is in order. But a carefully planned regroup.

The adjusted plan will incorporate some running, I guess. Still no long runs until I build up to a solid recovery number without pain, and all this is contingent on me having more than just one (fluky?) good day.
- swimming continues with at least 2000m per week
- running in a progressive build, trying for 2x runs per week with a 10% add to distance for each subsequent run for two weeks meaning 2.6km, 2.9km, 3.2km, 3.5km
- keep up my pushup challenge.