Boston, Virtually

Not that I was registered for the Boston Marathon, but as it was announced today that for the first time in it's 124 year history the Boston Marathon has been cancelled and will be run as a virtual race, I'm sitting here pondering what exactly that means for the Chicago Marathon scheduled for a month later. That one I am registered for.

Cancelled or otherwise, I think the biggest gift to runners right now is just certainty.

Training for a marathon is not a casual endeavor for most of us. For me, running Chicago in October will mean cranking up my training to full steam in the coming few weeks and then sustaining and building on that training for the following four months. It means eating differently. Living differently. Scheduling my schedule-less life around long runs, then really long runs, then stupidly-long runs as September hits. It means a lifestyle change at the best of times, and in the middle of a lifestyle crisis a fundamental mental shift in the daily routine.

To say that we're all living a lot differently these days and for the foreseeable future is a crazy understatement.

To say that adding marathon training into the mix could be an emotional tipping point for many, myself included, is not an exaggeration.

So, simply knowing would be nice. Not for the money. Not for the planning. Not for the effort. Just for the certainty. So, Boston-bound runners have a bit of stability right now as that pressure has been vented. I'll be tracking my social media and email for the next couple weeks to see what my own near future looks like.