how do you solve a problem like... dessert?

Submitted by 8r4d on July 19 2022

We've fallen into a bad habit.

When the world is collapsing and living through an overwhelmingly epic period of frustration and pain, why the heck wouldn't we crack open the ice cream for a nightly dessert? Or keep some deliciously decadent chocolate squares handy in the fridge for a post-meal palette-cleanser? Or spend Saturday at home baking a massive fluffy and fully decorated cake?

We've fallen into a bad habit of eating dessert almost every day and sometimes not just after our evening meal, but after lunch, too.

It's amazing that I've only put on as little weight as I have, to be honest.

Staying active and eating (otherwise) healthy, helps, but little nibbles of chocolate here and a meal-ending ice cream sandwich there... it all adds up.

I can make all sorts of personal vows and promises to eat better, but it's a monumentally tough decision to make at the end of a long day, after heaps of stress at work and frustrations in the news (yet again) to say, oh thanks but I'm going to skip that bowl of delicious ice cream and just sit here and watch you, my family, enjoy one.

The swimming and extra running and generally trying to be fitter is a tapestry of mini-changes that all accumulate to a broader goal of being fitter and healthier. It's very likely that my knee hurts right now because I'm pounding it with an extra ten kilos of chocolate-fed me. Which means I can't run for a week or two. Which means I sit at home feeling sorry for myself and eating ice cream, right? Well, shit.

Willpower is in short supply, but somehow I need to sort out how to make better decisions without as much of it around.

How do you solve a problem like dessert? If I figure it out, I'm sure I'll write something here.