New Ess

It's never easy to change how you eat, but I think the easiest time for me is in that short window following New Years.

I mean, in the last couple years something has always derailed a good effort. To really make a shift, to change your health and the habits around how and when and what you eat, it takes months of rejigging everything. Cutting out snacks and sweets and seconds is something that is easy for a few days or a week, but a stretch of holiday treats, summer barbecues, birthday parties, or a global pandemic... any of it can throw off a plan.

It's that short window following New Years and two weeks back from a Disney vacation where we ate and walked and ate and rode and ate and ran and ate and sat by the pool in the Florida sun, where I bought an infinitely refillable soda cup and drank more Cherry Coke than I have in the past two years, and where dessert was a mandatory part of every, no every, meal, I think it is time to rejig.

As of yesterday I'm doing that thing where I follow that eating ruleset I always try to do. No seconds, no sweets, no sugar except on certain days, like weekends and special days. It worked for me once back about ten years ago now and I'm hoping if I can get in a groove I can get my health back in check for a summer of running.

It's not that I'm on a runaway eating train or anything, but a dozen bad habits spanned across over two years of working from home have accumulated in the wrong direction. I called it the COVID-15 once, and that might be more true now that back then.

No snacks while I'm sitting working.

No desserts every night.

Cutting out the seconds.

And putting all that holiday chocolate out of sight so it isn't so tempting.

I'm going to track this new eating habit switcheroo meticulously here for three months, ending at Easter in mid-April, and we'll see what the results are.

Here we go.