refresh, take two

Submitted by 8r4d on January 25 2023

According to the date stamp on this blog, six months and one week ago I wrote a post about taking on a challenge to refresh and tackle my fitness level. I also started the recovering & rebuilding category on this site, bought a rec pass, and started writing more, all of this with the intention of turning the summer of 2022 into a personal fitness refit for myself, to get back into marathon shape, and shed some covid pounds to boot.

Do I need to mention the knee?

Well, shucks. That knee injury.

Six months later and I've been running for two weeks again after a long, slow, physiotherapy-driven recovery and healing process.

About eight months from now I need to be marathon ready for the Chicago 2023 Marathon.

That won't happen by wishing for it.

That won't happen without some serious motivation.

That won't happen without losing about fifteen pounds.

That won't happen without hitting some drop-dead distance targets.

That won't happen without strength training.

That won't happen without a plan.

That won't happen without work.

It sounds like the refresh effort, paused for six months due to injury, is back on.

That does involve a plan.

That does involve some serious motivation.

That does involve working, tracking, training, and improving every day, with very little room for error.

It sounds like I'm going to be putting some words back into this website again.