the start line.

What's this? A running blog? Kinda, sorta, not really... but also maybe. I write here sporadically about topics related to casual personal fitness running in the suburbs of a small Canadian city.

long runs reads, main topics.

fresher topics.

I try to write evergreen content but sometimes current events in my training life, races I'm planning, or things I'm dealing with factor heavily, like:

The rest of this site is a collection of race reports, equipment insights and training reflections from a recreational runner. There's a lot of personal notes, a bit of fitness opinionizing, and occasionally something useful to someone other than just me. This site is open and publicly available, but it's not exactly a public site. Nor is any of it medical advice. It's all just words in a place organized for my own record-keeping and you're welcome to read and enjoy, but that's about it.

head over feets.

I started seriously running in 2008 and writing about it a few seconds later. Sadly, many of those words were posted on websites that no longer exist. Happily, I’ve kept archives.

This is more than blog... it's a collection of writing, old and new, about fitness, technology, and trying to be healthy. Some of it is chronological. Some of it is topic-based. Almost all of it is about my adventures in sneakers.

media, photos, video, and social.

I don't post pictures here, or if I do they are just links back to other sites. Check me out on other platforms like Strava for many more updates or pics or routes.